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DECOR: The Perfect Retro Bar Cart

I’ve been smitten for some time now with those glam ’50s bar carts.  There’s something so retro and fabulously Mad Men about a sleek gold bar vignette that makes me just want to pour a drink.  Wait … it’s not even noon yet.  Still, I digress.


I recently gave bestie A a challenge to help me secure “the perfect retro bar cart” and do so on the cheap.  You see, bestie A is renowned around these parts for her delicious skill of wheeling and dealing to sourcing the perfect designer finds on a discount.  She calls it “champagne taste on a domestic beer budget”.  Well, whatever you call it … this woman can sniff out a Pottery Barn or Ballard deal like it’s her job and has mad good fortune to find Uggs, Joe’s jeans, Burberry trenches and anything Michael Kors for pennies on the dollar.  It’s super impressive.

Within a few hours of the challenge, bestie A had me hot to trot for the bar cart deal of the century on Craigslist.  While I’m no Craigslist expert; the correspondence, negotiation and procurement of said cart was easy as pie.  And now, I’m the proud owner of a vintage 1950s gold bar cart that cost me less than one of those bottles sitting atop it!  I’ve seen similar selling for hundreds more.  ***giddy***


The cart was styled with all sorts of bar accoutrements that I had on hand.  Monogrammed tumblers, a Tiffany’s ice bucket, shakers, darling paper straws and cocktail napkins made this an official vignette.  It fit like a glove in a previous open corner of the parlor living room and has everything on hand (except ice) to pour the perfect bevvie.

Cocktail hour starts promptly at 5 in the parlor, y’all.  Squeal with delight!  Sorry y’all … Bestie A gets served first :)


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